ONNK 2020 - Indoor NK ranking 4

From the 21st untill the 23rd of february (10:00 - 16:00) DronEvents will organise the 3rd edition of the ONNK 2020! The event will be held during a hobby and model fair, in the TT expo hall located near the famous TT circuit. The 21st wil be an open (free!) practise day once the track has been build. The contest will be held Saturday the 22nd (qualifiers) and Sunday the 23rd (knockouts and finals). The entry fee (including: 2 racing days, location entry fee and lunch. excluding: Parking) is 40,00 euro's. We hope you are as excited for this as we are, so let’s make it a great race!

Dronefestival TT Assen (Ranking 7 NK droneracen)

During the biggest open-air drone festival in Europe the 4th and 5th of october DronEvents wil be organizing the last Dutch national Ranking in combination with X/Beast class demo's and races! The 4th of october wil be focused on businesses showing of the latest trends in drone related technologies, during this day we will open up the track for fun flights to registred pilots. the 5th of october we wil run the 7th and last Dutch national ranking,

EK/WK kwallificatie Diepenveen (Ranking 5 NK droneracen)

7 and 8 September DronEvents together with Team MRO and the KNVVL subcommittee drones will organise the national FAI qualification weekend in combination with the 5th ranking. During this weekend the best 16 pilots wil fight for the right to participate at the FAI world cup in china later this year. The race wil be located next the the Fair that wel be held in Diepenveen with multiple attractions and activities so dont miss out!

Dutch-E Tialf Herenveen

During the Dutch-E Trendevent organized on 20th of june in the Tialf ice skating stadium located in Herenveen, Dronevents will be running demo's and a FPV expirence to guiding and inform the public about Droneracing! During this day keynote speaker Igor Beuker wil present the newest trends and innovations. We hope to see you there!